NAQSAT is designed for use by livestock and poultry producers to provide information and education only. The tool does not provide emissions data and/or regulatory guidance.

All users are shown a summary report. The report outlines the degree to which management has incorporated practices to manage air emissions, given the current understanding of the role of management practices and mitigation options on air emissions. Reported scores are not measures of emissions based on a comprehensive risk assessment. The assessment evaluates management practices and control technologies that are in place or under consideration relative to the potential for managing emissions from the given facility and associated infrastructure.

Because each livestock facility and its infrastructure is unique, the reported scores cannot be generalized to compare one operation to another. Similarly, scores for one facility should not be indiscriminately compared to those for another facility on the same site or operation. NAQSAT does not evaluate regulatory compliance. Listing of a management practice as an input selection option for the user does not imply that the practice conforms to state or local regulations. The results generated by the tool do not imply compliance with federal, state or local requirements.

Finally, while mentioned practices are considered to be generally feasible, NAQSAT does not assess the economic merits or logistical practicality of these practices, either in general or for specific scenarios. Users are encouraged to investigate opportunities further by acquiring additional information and working with a knowledgeable advisor.